Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statements

“At Hickerson STEM Designated School, we have a united vision that all families will be engaged with the school community and students will become Career Ready.”


“The mission of Hickerson STEM Designated School is for children to master academic skills, accept responsibility, develop respect and demonstrate resourcefulness in preparation for the middle school years.”

Our Beliefs

1. All Students can learn.  All students are expected to productively struggle with the content in their grade level.

2. Teaching strategies should accommodate varied learning styles, give students the opportunity to be creativity, and to become problem solvers.

3. We should have a safe and orderly environment for students and staff.

4. Parent involvement is essential to an effective school.  Communication between parents and teachers will be actively encouraged through parent-teacher conferences, written and oral communication, and an active parent-teacher organization.

5. The curriculum will cover the subject matter required for mastery of the skills mandated by the state for each grade level.  Students will be expected to show mastery of these grade level skills through the daily and end of unit assessments throughout the school year.



2019 Hickerson was named a STEM Designated School !!!!

2015-2016 Reward School!


About The School

The History of Hickerson Elementary School

   Hickerson Station Elementary was started in the early 1900's as a small community school with teachers holding classes in an old church building near Concord Baptist Church.  It is the smallest school in Coffee County.  The small size contributes to the community spirit and family atmosphere within the school.

   When the first Hickerson Station School building was built it served students in grades one through eight with two classrooms and two teachers.  In 1949, the Coffee County Board of Education consolidated the small community schools of Hickerson Station, Mount Vernon, Center View, and Seminary Hill into one school.  A four-room schoolhouse was built at the present site, housing students and three teachers.  Shortly after this consolidation, the schools at Ragan and Mt. View were included at Hickerson.  In 1973, this four-room building was replaced by the present building.

   Still growing with its community, Hickerson had undergone its fourth building addition in 1995.  This brought the number of classrooms to 17, serving 230 students with 21 teachers, a full library, gymnasium, music room, speech room, computer lab, and cafeteria.

   In the spring of 2002, Jones Elementary School, a rural community school located on Riley Creek Road approximately 1.5 miles from Tullahoma in Coffee County, was closed.  In the fall of 2003 Hickerson Elementary and the previous Jones Elementary School were consolidated, thus increasing Hickerson Elementary's student enrollment and classes.

   The original "family atmosphere" remains at our school with the children and grand-children of former students currently in attendance.  Parents are welcome an encouraged to participate in the educational process in many ways, including the Parent Volunteer Program and the School Improvement Association