Supply Lists



Back Pack

3 small Glue Sticks

1 Pair Child scissors

4 boxes of crayola crayons

1 pack #2 pencils

1 pencil Box (not pouches)

1 set headphones (no earbuds)

1 Primary Journal with pictures

3 boxes of Kleenex

1 GermX 

1 complete change of clothes labeled with their name on all tags

Wish List:

Baby wipes


Paper Towels or Napkins

Ziplock bags (Sandwich or Gallon)

Disinfecting wipes (No bleach)

Third Grade

Back Pack

1 pencil pouch (NOT a pencil box)

1 hand held pencil sharpener

1 pack colored pencils

1 pack of black or blue Expo markers

4 packs cap erasers 

4 large erasers

2”  3 ring binder

2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

1 5-subject spiral notebook - wide ruled

1 pair headphones  (students will be responsible for these all year)

3 Pack of Kleenex

1 large bottle Germ-X

Lysol spray

Simple Green wipes or spray

1 box of gallon size ziplock bags

Wish List:

Paper Towels

Painters tape (any color-for STEM activities)

Any size Post-It notes

Scotch tape

First Grade

Back Pack

1 pk Glue Sticks

1 pair child scissors

2 pack of 24 crayons

1 pack of dry erase markers (black)

#2 pencils (sharpened) 

1 pack 3x5 index cards

1 pack 3x5 colored index cards

1 set headphones (not earbuds)

2 1 inch three ring binder

1 regular size plastic crayon box

1 primary PK-2 journal notebook

1 primary PK-2 composition notebook


Wish List:

cleaning wipes    

Paper towels

Page protectors 

Sticky notes        

Fourth Grade


Pencil pouch (large) - not a box

Headphones or ear buds 

4 -composition wide ruled notebooks

2 - graph ruled composition notebooks

3 - pocket folder (sturdy type)

1 glue sticks

2 packs notebook paper (wide rule)

2 packs #2 pencils (no mechanical)

1 pack colored pencils

1 pack of highlighters 

1 pair of scissors

1 pack black dry erase markers

1 ruler

1 pack of highlighters

Wish List:

GermX         Lysol Wipes       Scotch Tape        Kleenex

1 roll of paper towels

Second Grade

Back Pack

1 pack of Glue Sticks

1 pocket folder (plastic with brads)

1 pair child scissors

2 packs of 24 crayons

1 pack of dry erase markers

2 packs #2 pencils 

1 set headphones (not earbuds)

1 pack cap erasers

1 wide ruled spiral notebook

1 plastic pencil/supply box

Wish List:


Wet wipes/Clorox Wipes


Paper towels

Page protectors

Fifth Grade


Pencil pouch (to go in notebook) 

Earbuds or headphones

Handheld pencil sharpener

1 Pocket Folder (Sturdy Folder)

1 pair of scissors

1 ruler

1 pack of glue sticks 

2 packs notebook paper

2 packs #2 pencils (no mechanical)

1 pack colored pencils

1 pack of highlighters

2 graph lined composition notebooks

4 composition notebooks (wide ruled)

1 pk dry erase markers

1 pk cap erasers

Wish List:

GermX      Lysol Wipes     Kleenex    Scotch Tape    

Wireless Mouse (student use)     


Full Size Backpack

Change of Clothes - (stretchy bottoms, t-shirt, underwear, socks)

Towel & drawstring trash bag

Wish List:

Lysol    Clorox wipes      Tissues 

Ziplock Bags (quart and gallon)     Baby wipes