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Anderson, Nikki Physical Education
Cauble, Monica Reading Interventionist
Cooper, Amy School Counselor
Cooper, Ashleigh 4th/5th
Gaddis, Kristy 2nd Grade
Hartsfield, Allyssa Kindergarten
Hershman, Amy Kindergarten
Hodges, Amberly 3rd Grade ELA & Social Studies
Hollandsworth, Marilyn 3rd Grade Math & Science
Howland, Brittany 2nd Grade
Kanjanabout, Kayla 1st Grade
Keele, Heather 1st
Mickle, Cindy Special Services
Mullican, Michelle Pre-K
Patterson, Erica 4th & 5th Grade Reading
Prater, Randa 4th & 5th Science and Social Studies
Ridner, Angela Nurse
Sherrill, Sonya Intervention
Stroop, Beth 4th/5th
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