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Crabtree, Kathy Assistant Principal/Instructional Coordinator
Anderson, Jimmy Principal

Anderson, Nikki Physical Education
Cauble, Monica Reading Interventionist
Cooper, Amy School Counselor
Gable, Katherine 4th & 5th Grade Math
Gaddis, Kristy 2nd Grade
Hartsfield, Allyssa Kindergarten
Hershman, Amy Kindergarten
Hodges, Amberly 3rd Grade ELA & Social Studies
Hollandsworth, Marilyn 3rd Grade Math & Science
Howland, Brittany 2nd Grade
Kanjanabout, Kayla 1st Grade
McCormick, Katie Pre-K
Mickle, Cindy Special Services
Mullican, Michelle Pre-K
Patterson, Erica 4th & 5th Grade Reading
Prater, Randa 4th & 5th Science and Social Studies
Reinholtz, Todd Math Interventionist & STEM
Ridner, Angela Nurse
Sherrill, Sonya 1st Grade

Anthony, James Custodian
Barton, Joy Cafeteria Monitor
German, Sherry Food Service
Landers, Michelle Pre-K Assistant
LaPradd, Tina Special Ed Pre-K Assistant
Lucas, Shelly Teacher Assistant
Murphy, Beth Teacher Assistant
Partin, Amy Special Ed Pre-K Assistant
Ridner, Angela Nurse
Rigsby, Teresa Cafeteria Manager
Scott, Bonni Secretary
Vandagriff, Debbie Food Service
West, Gretchen Teacher Assistant

Carden, Bill Bus 94
Carter, Roy Bus 84
Gowan, Mike Bus 49
Reed, Loren Bus 76
Taylor, Janice Bus 19
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